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Rich Message : How to use line url scheme to sending text messages?

It's 2 parts about this question

  1. In Rich message, Can we use Line URL scheme to sending message? How?

EXAMPLE I am trying to send rich message with Line URL scheme in @sample-id chat room by using this sample line url scheme:

Result : the screen has refresh with nothing happen

Question : why it's refresh ? if i want to send the message in the same room without refreshing, what line url scheme should i use? format?

  1. I already test the scheme (1) in another chat room.

Result : message "#test" was send to @sample-id "text box" without sending. i have to manual click "send icon" to send message into the chat room.

Question : how can i send #test into the chat room??

I saw some line official account can do it too. please advice.

Thank you for your kindness.

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JOB - จ๊อบ
Posted: 25 days ago

Somebody please answer something for this question...

Are you sure? question.vm