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Is there any way to get user id in response chat mode

Hi guys,

What our sysem need is sending 1-to-1 line message(push_message) to our customers after some filters. But in the same time, we hope could stay "chat" mode to communicate with them.

So far, the only way I knew to get the user Id is from webhook, but it only work in "bot" mode Is there any way to get the user id but still stay in chat mode.

I ever tried to switch chat and bot back and forth to get the user id, but I thought that shouldn't a good way to get user id

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Matthew Tanudjaja
Posted: 1 months ago

Hi iamilake,

Thank you for your interest. It is not supported. You need to develop a dashboard to reply user's message on top of the Messaging API if you wish to get the userId of each user.

Are you sure? question.vm