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Why am I getting message "..Unfortunately, this account isn't set up to respond to individual messages..."

Hi, I am working on POC to check the feasibility of LINE Messaging API integration with our services. Everytime I trigger a message from Rich Menu / ButtonTemplate, I get a additional message stating "Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, this account isn't set up to respond to individual messages. Stay tuned for our next announcement! " I am getting this message when I wrote my new bot/application for my channel's webhook, but no such message appears if I use sample bot applications (given in LINE developers site) in my channel.

Can you please let me know the reason why this message is coming on each event ?


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Posted: 2 months ago

Hi Sharad,

Could you please let us know what steps/document you followed to setup bot? And on which platform are you seeing this message?


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Posted: 2 months ago

I am also getting the same message on my iphone. On Line Official Account Manager > Account Settings > Display settings, it shows, Verification status: Unverified account

is this error due to the "Unverified account"? If yes, how I can verify my account?

Thanks, Shahid

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Posted: 2 months ago

Hi Shahid

On Line Official Account Manager > Response Settings > Detail Settings, set Auto-Response to Disabled.

Best regards, TTV-HungNC

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