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iPhone issues with LIFF APP

So we have a Liff App that uses a textbox input. When the user clicks the textbox then the device's keypad will popup but whenever the user is done typing, there will be a whitespace created from the height of the keypad and this white space will virtually blocking the half of the screen and user won’t be able to click the send button even though the buttons / icons are still visible.

Here are some screenshots: - when keypad is active - after typing a message, keypad minimizes but there’s a space created from the height of the keypad.

The issue only happens on iPhone (iOS) and never happens in android devices.

Thank You.

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Tho (トォ)
Posted: 3 months ago
Edited: 3 months ago

I have the same issue. I tried to check the LIFF functions (, it seems there are no functions regarding keyboard event. This issue doesn't happen in Chrome/Safari (iOS).

Are you sure? question.vm