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How can I get roomId or groupId list by using LINEnotify?

Is there a way to get roomId or groupId list of user?

I'm trying to develop web app with LINEnotify something like IFTTT app(officially suported by LINE). However, when I try to find how to get roomId or groupId of the user who got access token by using Oauth2 endpoint, there's no document for that. As I see the IFTTT app(LINE tomorrow weather app), they are handling talkroom list somehow.

If you have any idea with it, please answer here. Thanks

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Chris Go 呉富强
Posted: 29 days ago

As far as i know, those Oauth token are only for one room/user chat. So if you want to add more rooms, you need to reauthenticate to create new OAuth token for that.

Are you sure? question.vm