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Verify webhook url Fail (The expected status code is 200) !!!

My web host (shared host ) use Let's Encrypt SSL ,my webhook url (https://) work well for web browser, but for Line console can not verify my webhook url then my api functions aren 't workimg. This is verification error: " The webhook returned an invalid HTTP status code. (The expected status code is 200.) "

I try to change webhook url to free web host [000webhost] (same webhook api file) , verification is successful. (But I don't want to use free web host 000WebHost). I tried re-enable webhook again ( disable => enable) ,but didn't work.

I don't know there are something wrong with Let's Encrypt ,please help.

Thank you in advance.

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Posted: 7 months ago

It's a bit hard to understand what your problem is. I would rather check your Let's encrypt certificate. Is it valid for www. subdomain too?

Are you sure? question.vm