i am looking for api for login, sign up with line.

is there any api available to fetch user details from line user_id. i am looking similar feature of login with facebook, google,etc

My thinking of the flow is like this: A. User gives QR Code by handing the phone with Line App user’s QR code B. Our system Registration desk person scan it and register users. C. Patient’s line App gets a notification saying, you are registering for system. and with a link to registration screen with their Line ID displayed and field for password entry. D. Upon successful entry of password, Patient get a notification in Line ID stating you have registered successfully. Now you can download the mobile app with link for iOS and Android links. E. User downloads the app and start using it.

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Does this help? https://developers.line.biz/en/docs/line-login/overview/

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Are you sure? question.vm