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Migrated from Development to Free Push Limit

Now i have been migrated to Free the Push message always shows i have hit my limit. Are post message now completely disabled. My bot only has a few friends so the Develop Plan was great. I guess I have to give up on line. I cant find out how I can lift the limit or is there a payment plan i can get.

Edited: 7 months ago
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Partay Chef


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Posted: 6 months ago
Edited: 6 months ago

I've got the same problem. After the (unannounced) 'migration' to the new platform I am hit with the 'monthly limit reached' error. I did not ask for the migration I was not notified of the migration and severe degradation of the service I cannot find the limit of how many push messages I can send now I cannot find where to upgrade to and what it does to the limit There is no way to contact anyone at Line developers about this

It's become a useless tool now.

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เอ่ย Pongsatorn
Posted: 6 months ago

they shouldn't limit the request .. we use this because it's free

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Posted: 6 months ago

not an answer, but worth to try i got same problem too, i use LINE API to interface my factory, all approval and alarm, send to user via LINE since there are only 34 person, it works great with "developer trial" even my usage is 12k message/day. when they migrate to "Free" plan, they limit only 500 message/month, i want to pay the better plan, but there are no answer yet from LINE (email 2x already). even their payment link also doesn't work

so, i modify whole code and use telegram, its completely free

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Posted: 6 months ago

I also encountered this problem, it seems that LINE doesn't want to solve our problems since we do not pay any money

Are you sure? question.vm