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With free plan does line@ official account limit number of friends?

Dear Team,

In 2018 I created Chanel with Messaging API I saw in chanel setting page has label "Plan" with value "For Developer" in the Line document set limit number of Bot's friends only 50. Right now I create Line@official account by create new chanel I didn't see label "Plan" at chanel setting page any more, but in page (Line Official Manager) I saw status "Free", My question how many number of friend limit with bot?

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bottsjw-War Phoenix
Posted: 2 months ago

But the 'push limit of 500' is even worse! 511 friends say you get to hear from us one time per month! lol

@LINE ... PLEASE LISTEN TO REASON! 500 messages is not enough!

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Posted: 9 months ago

no limit.

We have now removed the limit on the number of friends.

you can see detail in "Notice of problems with migration of LINE official accounts" article.

Are you sure? question.vm