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Send push message

I wonder if line messaging API can send the message to unknown user (recipient is not aware of the service)?

To be more literal, certain messaging api (will say as bot A from now) does not let sender to send the template message to user B (whom does not have any chat history nor have added the bot A as a friend) but only allows to send plain text messages.

Most of the messaging API does not let bot A to send message templates unless user B has added or started a conversation with bot A (per se, template message can be sent from the point where user B has triggered any interaction with bot A).

So can anyone enlighten me whether I can send the message using messaging API to user who is not a friend of my service account nor has any chat history with my service account?


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MiX (
Posted: 1 years ago

No, this will depend on the user's privacy settings, and it would be great if you check whether the user is friend or not before any command that needs this to avoid errors.

Are you sure? question.vm