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setup bot for 1000 client with web hooks for lead generation

Hello, This is Naresh, From India. i am a developer of a Lead Tracking and Managment Platform. Our lot of clients used Line app to generate Leads.

We want to save those leads which are coming on line in our database. for this I have read about the bot in line that using bot we can create to save replies and autoreply to users. the main issue is: If we have 1000 clients who are using line app to generate leads then we need to create 1000 bots manually and then for each client account we need to setup webhook url in line developer consolde.

Is there any other alternate ?

Thanks, Naresh Kumar

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Naresh Kumar


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MiX (
Posted: 3 months ago

Create 1000 bots manually? O.O' I think this is forbidden and maybe the wrong way to do it..

Well, it is easy for the database, several examples of bots with ranks.. use Google.

Are you sure? question.vm