500 server error when calling GetMessageContent


I encounter "500 Internal Server Error" problem when calling GetMessageContent ('/v2/bot/message/{MESSAGE_ID}/content'). For my case, the content is video data.

After some investigation, i notice that if the video is shorter, the API call is fine with 200 OK. Once the video is longer, for example, the video is took from my android phone (ex: 4 or 5 mins video), and sent from LINE app to the bot. The GetMessageContent API might return 500 error.

I had tried to add some delay (1~3 sec) between receiving webhook and calling GetMessageContent API but in vain.

PS. I'm using Go SDK. PS2. There is still rare chance to get 200 return for longer videos. (Perhaps, tried 20 times, success 1 time only)

Any ideas? thanks! :)

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