Error Not found on Get Profile API!

Dear all,

I am running a campain on line message and got a lot of error not found with user profile api as below. The flow is when user join our campain they send message to Campain, we got that message via Line's webhook and send a request to get user's profile follow link below with user id from that message and our campain secret token. The token is definitely correct (we had checked). So why Line API return a lot of not found (98% user lost, just 200/10.000 user return correct).

GET https://api.line.me/v2/bot/profile/U26bd66da4bd29df7d02e36d7647f1d9d: Not found GET https://api.line.me/v2/bot/profile/Uf5e846ce4291e5559cc4ab37247bba88: Not found GET https://api.line.me/v2/bot/profile/U6e0458411fdb15b80d208796e7032fa2: Not found

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