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LINE Messaging API add friend limited 50 friends

Hi, I am from Bangkok Thailand, I have developed LINE Bot and already published. Now the number of Bot's friends is limited to 50. I have asked LINE support Thailand about this but seemed that we don't have any plan for paid program to extend the number of Bot's friends. I would like to know that is there any paid programe on LINE Bot available on Janpan or some where else from Thailand?

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Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks Shoya, this is a bit more clear that Messaging API premium could available only in Japan. I did not get a clear answers from Line support Thailand on this question. I did try to ask them 3 times but I always got same answers with "You have to subscribe Line@" which did not answer my question.

Unfourtunately my Japanese language skill is zero so I have to put this project on-hold until Line Thailand turn on Messaging API as premium program.

Thank you very much.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Japanese Messaging API premium pricing is on following page.

I checked english page ( ) but, there was no. I guess premium pricing avalilable only for Japan.

If you want to know about more Japanese info, I'll answer. thanks.

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Jin Hsueh
Posted: 1 years ago

Taiwan also has paid version of Messaging api and I belive Thaialnd is launching soon. 

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Posted: 12 months ago

I still wait they opening in Thailand soon.

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Posted: 11 months ago

As a Re-design, your developer trial plan(limited;50 friends) should be migrated as a new free plan before this summer.

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bottsjw-War Phoenix
Posted: 23 days ago

Free plans are now limited to only 500 push messages. This is not a reasonable limit when you have 511 friends! One broadcast message and it's completely consumed.

We need 5000! Not 500. This is the same issue with Friends being 50 originally.

Are you sure? question.vm