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Add/Remove Users from Groups

Hi all:

I'm new to line development and have some questions about a project I'm thinking about. I'm wondering there is way for me to keep a master list of about 30 users that changes every week or two. Right now I have the list in google sheets. Each user needs to be in 1-2 line groups. Manually making sure everyone is in the right group is a bit ownerous, so I'm wondering if there is a way to use the API to pull the current members from my 4 main groups, compare it to my master list (currently in sheets) and then make the needed adds/removes to the line groups automatically. Any ideas would be much apprecaited!

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Mick Satana
Posted: 1 years ago
Edited: 1 years ago

There is no way to retrieve users from group now (30/08/2018). However, you can detect "follow" and "unfollow" events and save the changes to your database to keep track of users in each group.

I come to aware there is a getGroupMemberIds in Node.js SDK to retrieve current members in a group. It will send a GET request to{groupId}/members/ids So you may use this to retrieve current group members.

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