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Writing Script to Send Sticker Respond to User

Dear Line, I am non developer, using node.js for my codes and I am confuse on how to write the correct script to send stickers responses to users.

What i want is simple, as this scenario below: user : hi bot bot : sticker (any sampe usage of sticker is fine with me)

Can you please kindly give me the code example for that? This what I have right now:

// event handler async function handleEvent(event) { if (event.type !== 'message' || event.message.type !== 'text') { return Promise.resolve(null); }

var messages = event.message.text; messages = messages.replace(/\s/g, '');

if(messages){ var reply = xxx; }

const echo = { type: 'text', text: reply }; return client.replyMessage(event.replyToken, echo); }

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Ditto Harnando


Are you sure? question.vm