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How to open line app with specified line user id chat screen ?

I am not able to open specified user chat screen with line URL scheme. I tried below URL schemes but it only open line app. Please help me on this where i am doing wrong.

line://oaMessage/UserlineID line://ti/p/UserlineID

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Posted: 1 years ago
Edited: 1 years ago

Use this one.


and you will seng a text "123" to the bot "@lineteamjp". Make sure you include the "@" symbol in the line id.

I use the following line with the app Launch Center Pro on iOS to customize the text area. line://oaMessage/@lineteamjp/[prompt]

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Nirav Patel
Posted: 1 years ago
Edited: 1 years ago

I checked with line://oaMessage/@lineteamjp/123 its only working but when i check with others as below not working.

I tried with line://oaMessage/@maulikpatelbtech/?hi but not working that as well always getting alert "User Not Found" even that user exist.

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Jacques Mulder
Posted: 7 months ago
Edited: 7 months ago


This example seems to work just fine line://oaMessage/@lineteamjp/123

However I keep on getting "Update to the latest version of LINE or recheck the URL." when trying line://oaMessage/@lineid/123 and where line id is a known line id and the line id is url encoded from thai

When entering a known english line id I will get "Official account not found"

I'm trying to add a button that will launch chat for a know line id.

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Posted: 7 months ago

its seem not to work at all on whatsapp its working great the url scheme but here not working its only working with there link i have english user id i set as its writing in line site and still i get "Official account not found"

something in wrong here can anyone help with this?

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George Liu
Posted: 2 months ago

Try it with a question mark after @LINEID/?


Are you sure? question.vm