Submit Product

How to submit your Product

Click the Submit Product button at the bottom of the screen to send the following information.

1. Product Channel ID *

We will use the following information under this Channel in Developers Console so please make sure that these parameters are all set.

  • ・App icon(256px x 256px)
  • ・App name
  • ・App description
  • ・Provider name

2. Demo

Please provide us with any of the following demonstrations.

  • ・shared URL of the uploaded video in Youtube or Vimeo
  • ・Screenshots *up to 3 images

3. Technical Information

We would appreciate if you provide us with any of the following information that illustrate your application.

  • ・URL of public GitHub repository which contains the project of this application
  • ・URL of the blog or other online documents that describes the architecture of this application


The kinds of applications that are determined by LINE to fall under or may fall under the categories listed below stand a good chance of being rejected.

  • ・ Applications that are not valuable to anyone
  • ・ Applications that do not work in a way described in the App description or demonstrations
  • ・ Applications that do not use LINE Messaging API
  • ・ Applications that encourage or promote criminal activity
  • ・ Applications that depict violence, child abuse, or child pornography
  • ・ Applications of scantily clad characters
  • ・ Applications that depict excessive drinking or illegal substance abuse, as well as elements that encourage alcohol or tobacco consumption by underage users
  • ・ Applications that encourage driving under the influence of alcohol
  • ・ Applications that depict illegal arms realistically, or might promote the use thereof
  • ・ Applications used for spamming or phishing other users
  • ・ Applications that graphically depict the murder, shooting, stabbing, or torture of people or animals
  • ・ Applications that may slander, injure, or attack the reputation of a particular person, legal entity, nationality, or group
  • ・ Applications that disclose or could potentially disclose personal or third party information
  • ・ Applications that display overly offensive or crass images
  • ・ Applications that may potentially attack or cause particular displeasure to a religion, culture, people group, or nationality
  • ・ Applications designed to solicit or spread religion, or with strong religious components
  • ・ Applications with political imagery or regarding elections
  • ・ Applications designed to confuse or make the user hate them
  • ・ Applications that contain sexual expressions
  • ・ Applications that encourage gambling or elements related to gambling
  • ・ Applications designed to obtain the user’s password or other private user data
  • ・ Applications that depict elements that harm the healthy development of young users, such as slot machines or horse racing
  • ・ Applications that induce or encourage suicide, self-harm, or drug abuse
  • ・ Applications that otherwise depict antisocial elements that may cause discomfort to the user
  • ・ Applications that infringe on trademarks, copyrights, or patents held by LINE Corporation or third parties, or violate the conditions of third parties included in the images
  • ・ Applications that make use of copyrights that lack a clear owner, such as fan fiction
  • ・ Applications that infringe on others' right of portrait, such as pictures of others' faces taken without their consent or caricatures
  • ・ Applications that make use of material without proven permission from the copyright owner
  • ・ Applications that do not adhere to the laws of the regions in which the LINE service is available, or infringe on third party rights or profits

In addition to the guidelines listed above, LINE may stop listing of ANY applications that it deems to be inappropriate.

If you would like to receive comments from the administrator via LINE notifications please make friends with LINE developers community_bot.

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