Is it possible to migrate user data between 2 different providers?

I am trying to migrate user data collected with LOGIN API from old provider(which can not be logged in due to account missing) to new prodiver(new created). I know user id would be different in different providers so I am wondering if there is any possible to migrate these user data.

我正試圖將從舊供應商(LOGIN API收集的用戶數據)遷移到新供應商(新創建的供應商),但由於帳戶缺失,無法登錄舊供應商。 我知道不同供應商的用戶ID會不同,因此想知道是否有可能遷移這些用戶數據。

ref: https://www.line-community.me/en/question/5eea2706851f74ab9c183f97/user-id-not-unique-for-same-user-different-login-channels?loginnow=true

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