Is there any way to identify other user Channel ID?

Hi .. I'm Christopher who works as Digital Marketing Planner which is recently has tried to engage with LINE users.

To be able to give user a personalize experience service through LINE, is there anyway to identify user's channel ID or match it with their behaviors? so far the information i heard, you can identify their channel ID based on user chat behavior..

example cases: If user has already make a chat through our LINE account service, we can identify their channel ID and which chat text they are making.

is there any other way? i think of doing a survey push message through LINE messanger, and the survey was built using LINE's embeded survey tools. Can we identify the user's channel id who is participating with our survey?

Thank you for your attention, and your help will be very appreciated.

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Channel ID is not related. Please use useId included in webhook. userId is a unique identifier in messaging api, I think.

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