Cannot create a group and invite friends to the group

I was testing PushMessage to send message to a group if EventTypeMemberLeft triggered. I invited a friend and asked him to left the group to check the response I got. I did it many times (joining and leaving group). Now my account cannot create a group or invite anyone, including the bot to the group. Is my account getting limited? If so, how long do I need to wait to have my account limit lifted?

These are similar issues, and no solution provided. https://www.line-community.me/en/question/5ee6cb13851f74ab9c18292d https://www.line-community.me/en/question/5bc5503f401690ed17d31474

Error message when trying to create a group or invite bot/someone to the group LINE Desktop - Windows 11: "Unable to use this display name. Please try another one." LINE Android v12.1.0: "An unknown error occured. Please try again later."

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How long do you need to wait?

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I think my issue is related to Messaging API. It happened right after I tested my bot to send message to the group when someone leaves the group. Probaby my account is getting limited because of this

EDIT: I contacted LINE support, asked why I can't create a new group or invite friends. They said my account is temporarily suspended due to activity that violated their Terms and Conditions of Use. They don't disclose which rules I violated. I suspect this one this.

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I think this site is a developer community site, and it's not a site to share the LINE app issue. I'm sorry I'm not sure where to report it.

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Hi ksyt, thanks for your response. LINE Messaging API tag removed.

Could you please tell what topic it is or have any insight regarding this issue?

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This topic is not related to messaging api...

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm