Automatically link new line friend connection via bot to existing profile in hotel reservation server.

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

I have a reservation management system for a hotel, the guest has already created a reservation and filled in their personal details. The user will only connect to the line bot after reservation or after check in at the hotel. The guest will complete the reservation with profile and be presented with a line QR code to chat, or the guest at hotel will open up the hotel guest pages by their name and room number and be presented a QR code to connect. This QR code will be individually generated for each guest, to identify them.

Issue/ Error Message details

When the user connects to the bot via QR code, there is only the line userid and display name, but there is no information that can be used to verify which guest the line user id is. We cannot match the display name as it can be anything, and there is no phone number that can be retrieved via bot api.

It is redundant to ask the guest their details in the bot, when the guest has already used them to sign in.

How can we submit a otp or unique indentifier message to auto send with the original friend connection in a QR.

How to combine a friend request and a OTP message so that the intial friend request will send an identifier immediately.

Accompanying respective source code

Standard QR code - https://line.me/R/ti/p/{LINE ID} Friend Official Account - https://line.me/R/ti/p/{LINE ID} Send a message - https://line.me/R/oaMessage/{bot id}/OTP

Resolution Tried

If you send a friend request for the bot, you don't get a message. If you send a message to the bot, and the guest does not friend, then responses fail.

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

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