Bug LIFF.sendMessages shows permission error while user already grant chat_message.write

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

user already grant chat_message.write to the liff and liff .sendMessages work normally before

Issue/ Error Message details

Start from this morning, Liff.sendMessages response: Error sending message: Error: user doesn't grant required permission yet

Accompanying respective source code

Resolution Tried

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

Try this and click menu button to launch the liff, then click any thumbnail to send message

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The problem you find may be affected by this outage. https://twitter.com/LINE_DEV_EN/status/1481602708712742918

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The same problem is occurring in the Japan region. https://www.line-community.me/ja/question/61e011fdd5929a273ae81b29/

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IOS Line V12 still produce this error. For your reference, you can add the OA account to open the text Liff by menu, then click any thumbnail to see the error https://lin.ee/jpoxpuG

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it seems the error happen only if you launch liff app from menu button.

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