Can I use a sticker that I bought with messaging API? and webhooks?

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Up to the topic. I had done some research. The creator sticker can be sent via lineOA if the OA is in "Chat" state. I want to merge it with webhook. So I cannot switch to Chat mode. Like, webhooking some message, Send the response with a sticker that could suit the organization. Not the Cony and Brown. (I mean, they are cute. But using their sticker could be found impolite and too playful. However, I want my LineOA chat bot not to be too formal, so I tried to use some "less detail" stickers)

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  • Just use packageid and stickerid as it is sent via webhook. Of course, the response said that the packageid is incorrect.

I am not sure that it is because I didn't bought the sticker as OA or the messaging API restrict me from doing that. I tried to find if there is any store for LineOA but can't find anything.

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you can't use creator stickers in the messaging api.(Just only the list written by Koki-san is available.) As you tried, only chat mode allows you use them.

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You can send sticker which the link shows below.


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