how to open liff as an in-app browser

Hi ! If anyone can help to answer would be appreciated, When linePay or any other payment process completing, if a callback redirecting back to the app with an liff URL, like header('Location: '. $confirmUrl ); from PHP it seems to be opened in an external browser, type of liff.getContext() is external or none in Android, utou in IoS, I cannot liff.sendMessages from that liff on both system, It was fine but now failed to send from around early July, any policy changed then?

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new situation, when you redirect to open a new widow from backend php like header('Location: '. $confirmUrl ); the type of context is "none" in version 11.12.1 for IOS, but type of context is "utou" in version 11.10.0 for IOS, Please advise how to get the type as "utou" in latest version when opening a window by redirecting from backend(like redirect or callback page after payment done) Thanks a lot if any idea!

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm