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Right now our organization has around 10 operators answering messages that come into our line Official Account. The OA is set on chat mode, and the operator uses the line OA application on android to answer the chat.

The customers are divided amongst the operators. The problem is that by default when a customer chats to the OA, all 10 operators are notified. This problem can somewhat be rectified by having operator mute customers that do not belong to them. However, we still run into an issue when a new customer chats in. All operators get notified, and 9 of them have to go into the app to mute.

Has anyone faced this issue and found a solution? Perhaps a way to set it such that the operator only gets notified when a customer with certain tag chats in.

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I know that it is possible to use webhooks to create a custom notification, but this would defeat the purpose as chat mode will have to be turned off.

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I have faced a similar problem, but unfortunately there is no such setting in the LINE official account app. It is solved building a custom chat app using a webhook.

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