Is there a way to check if the user is using the LINE app on mobile or on web / desktop?

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

We have a LINE channel that sends quick replies (buttons), but since quick replies are only available on mobile, if the user is using the web application / PC or Mac version of the LINE app, we will need to send a text reply. We need a way to determine whether the user is using the mobile app version of LINE or the web / Mac / PC version of LINE

Issue/ Error Message details

We cannot find documentation on how to determine what platform the user is using LINE on.

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Resolution Tried

We tried going through the documentation but couldn't find anything.

Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

We tried the web application, PC, Mac, and iOS versions of LINE. We need to find a way to determine on which platform the user is using the LINE app.

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I think there is no support for that in Messaging API right now. But there is an alternative way to acomplish this. You can use LIFFv2 app to get the OS of the user by using this command liff.getOS().

There are 3 possible values:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. External Browser (You might consider this as PC and Web users but please take a note that if the mobile user open the LIFF url in the non IN-LINE browser. It will return as an external browser. But you can embed the LIFF url in the URI Action in the Flex message button for keeping off the user from copying the url and make the mistake)
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