(Use case) Can I loop 'Send push message' in a bot, in order to push multiple URLs to multiple LINE group / room?

Hi. I'm a UX Designer with bare minimum experience working with APIs. I'm currently designing and mapping out a solution for a certain company and I have a question regarding a very specific use case:

  • Company A onboard Client#1 by creating and joining a LINE Group using their official account.
  • Client#1 then proceed to use Company A's service (externally)
  • Company A and Client#1 then proceed to have conversations regarding supports / services wise inside the LINE group.
  • At the end of each month, Company A then wishes to charge service fees toward Client#1 by sending an invoice URL with it's own QR payment embeded inside the Invoice into the LINE Group.

The problems / questions are:

  • IF it becomes a multiple clients scenario, can Company A then use a bot to 'loop' push Invoice URL message towards multiple LINE groups with Group ID as an identifier?
  • If it is indeed possible, are there any request limits / limitations?
  • if it's not at all possible, are there any alternatives you can recommend? as most of the Company A's clients already familiarized with communicating through LINE already...

Appreciate the assistance.

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which language you use for API development? whatever, you can create QR code for your payment link separately. then you can send that QR code image as a push message to clients groups using group IDs. you can use bot for only send push message to groups not for create QR code.

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