Found a problem that cannot reply to messages when free messages per month with full quota despite using the highest plan.

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

Since we provide customer service for responding to business users through applications connected to a line message api, we have requested permission in every step of the way. And our customers have problems in using as follows

Issue/ Error Message details

  1. Reply Quota Issues Since our users are using bots and chat responses that use the same response quota. Our users are wondering whether they can separate the response quota between the bot and the system user.

  2. Our users find that when using messages per month to full quota, they will find an Error returning to the user [Status code 429 "You have reached your monthly limit."] For better understanding. Of us have already bought the highest plan And we run into this problem every time when free messages per month reach the limit quota.

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You might get a faster response if you post your question here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/119701752027073 It's LINE Developers Thailand group.

By the way, you might want to go the Activity and billing section of your Official Account Manager page and use the "Set target limits" button. https://manager.line.biz/account/@{yourid}/purchase

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