Flex Message background type: linearGradient

I created Flex Message with property `{

"type": "bubble", "body": { "type": "box", "layout": "vertical", "contents": [ { "type": "box", "layout": "vertical", "contents": [ { "type": "image", "url": "https://wildrift.leagueoflegends.com/static/volt-bottom-03-cf0abe4ea8d9841ce571f6379349bac9.png", "size": "full", "position": "absolute", "aspectMode": "cover", "offsetTop": "150px" }, { "type": "image", "url": "https://kii-web.herokuapp.com/image/Ahri.png", "size": "full", "aspectMode": "fit", "gravity": "center" }, { "type": "image", "url": "https://images.contentstack.io/v3/assets/blt370612131b6e0756/blte4a96c247eff02b3/5f76a07fed21e20f14408cc8/Ahri_ChampThumb.jpg", "position": "absolute", "aspectMode": "fit", "size": "full", "offsetTop": "5px", "aspectRatio": "10:8.25" } ], "paddingAll": "0px" }, { "type": "box", "layout": "vertical", "contents": [ { "type": "text", "text": " " } ], "position": "absolute", "offsetTop": "252px", "offsetStart": "43px", "width": "213.5px", "height": "45px", "action": { "type": "message", "label": "action", "text": ".lolwr-champ hero_name" } } ], "paddingAll": "2px", "background": { "type": "linearGradient", "angle": "0deg", "startColor": "#ffffff", "endColor": "#7729ff", "centerColor": "#2954ff" } } }`

I'm not getting any errors, but linearGradient is not working on line-bot-sdk-python

Source code line-bot-sdk-python

I have tried many times but still doesn't work, but my friend told me that line-bot-sdk on PHP background linearGradient is working

I used line-bot-sdk v1.17.0 on Python v3.7.5

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Does your flex message work on simulator as you expected? If so it seems a problem with python sdk. please post your issue on https://github.com/line/line-bot-sdk-python/issues

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm