"message":"Failed to send messages"

Issue/ Error Message details

using the login api, i get the userId details.

then i try to push a message using messaging API (free plan).

error happen. "{"message":"Failed to send messages"}"

most of comments say it is due to wrong userId. some say because free plan not support push message.

Seem like this is a common problem happen to most of us. I am totally give-up at now.

Anyone can help ?

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thank you.

it is really helpful.

create a new channel under same provider. its working, channel can send a message after my personal line add messaging channel as friend.

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A LINE user who uses services provided by developers is given a different user ID for each different provider. A user ID cannot be used to verify whether it is the same user across channels that use different providers.

Could you make sure the channels (LINE login and Messaging API) are in the same provider?

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm