Where can I find channel destination ID?


I am looking to connect the Line channel using web-hook API. I have added the web hook URL as well. The issue is there's a parameter which is destination which is getting received in the web hook call once user adds this channel as a friend on Line. So my question is, where can I find the destination id ? I am not able to find it in the console

Example for this LineMagic channel :- channel id is - 1654982564

destination - Ua366e039997d79736aa8194ab08a5b3a

So where on the developer console I can find the above destination ID 'Ua366e039997d79736aa8194ab08a5b3a' associated with my channel?


Not able to find destination ID on developer console



Tried referring to doumentation but couldn't find any reference from where I can get this destination I.


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Unfortunately, there is no other option at this point.

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Any other option to find this bot user ID/destination ID on the developer console UI ?

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You can get destination via "Bot get info API". userId in response should be the same destination.


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