Line login Callback URL not working.

Occur last week, about 15 or 16 October, 2020 Normaly we use ngrok for develop features. And have staging URL for test LIFF on server.

  1. Last week, ngrok url can not login on external browser, Even already setting Callback URL for ngrok url.
  2. We try to remove all Callback URL setting. But Endpoint URL on liff app still can login with external brower.
  3. And we try to defined Endpoint URL on liff app with ngrok url, And yes that login on external browser working again. ( Even Callback URL setting still empty ).

Why we use like this.

  1. Liff Endpoint URL, We use for staging url on server to testing before to leasing on production.
  2. Ngrok we use for develop features from localhost development.

Thank you, Watcharakrit Phantu

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