Not getting correct user id in developer console against channel


I have created a channel with messaging API and have integrated it with my system


Upon receiving the follow event, the channel_user_id that we are getting from Line is different that what I can see in developer console against the channel.

Channel ID - 1654982564 I am seeing channel user ID as - Ubc555c29987e1ab0a497b88e1391b867 but in actual while receving follow event I am receving channel user id as - Ua366e039997d79736aa8194ab08a5b3a




I am looking correct channel_user_id to be seen in the developer console. want to know why correct channel user id is not getting displayed

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It seems wrong either one. Can you check receive message from push api with both your user ids?

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm