Flex message that using `absolute` position doesn't work

Pre condition, Condition to reproduce

  • copy template that has absolute position from flex simulator (ex. hotel template)
  • parse to code and send to Line chat

Issue/ Error Message details

flex that using absolute position doesn't work when I sent to line chat, it show wrong style

Accompanying respective source code

this is just the normal code, so the code should not be the cause

jsonData, _ := json.Marshal(config here)
container, err := linebot.UnmarshalFlexMessageJSON(jsonData)
if err != nil {
	return err

flexMessage := linebot.NewFlexMessage("*", container)
sendingMessages = append(sendingMessages, flexMessage)

if _, err := bot.PushMessage(event.Source.UserID, sendingMessages...).Do(); err != nil {
	return err

Resolution Tried


Reference information (Version / Platform/ environment)

IOS Lastest Line version

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