[Messaging API] Send multiple messages using line-bot-sdk-python

I use line sdk python https://github.com/line/line-bot-sdk-python, How to send multiple messages in one request? I see that it's possible in Line Documentation but I cannot find it in the line-bot-sdk-ptyhon

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Here's https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#send-reply-message If you can see in shell, it have a message key with an array value,

curl -v -X POST https://api.line.me/v2/bot/message/reply \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {channel access token}' \
-d '{
            "text":"Hello, user"
            "text":"May I help you?"

but if you change it to python, it only send one text which is 'Hello world'. I want to know if that's possible using line-bot-sdk-python? Or should I create http request manually?

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Could you share the relevant documentation?

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm