[Messaging API] User Authentication

Dear all, How can you ensure, that only "authorized/registered" user can use the Chat Bot application.

Would you recommed using RDMS for user authenticatation, for the following example BOT: What is your user name? User: TestUser123 BOT: What is your passoword? User: Password123 BOT: Welcome TestUser123. What can I do for you?

Or is there a better way for authentication?

Thank you.

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If you are wanting to authenticate a friend to allow them to communicate/question your bot, I would suggest maintaining a credentials table. When the friend provides a unique credential you then enable additional commands for that session. This would all be unrelated to the LINE API.

I have a similar solution with my bot. Friends that are visible in special groups have additional bot commands available to them while general/unfamilar friends have a much smaller vocabulary of commands.

Send me a direct message if you have questions I haven't answered.

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My way is login line after login your website and save line id(Line's userId) refer to your website account. When user chat in chat room , your webhook can get line id(Line's userId) and then you can verify/login with your line id(Line's userId) as your website account. If line id(Line's userId) is not in your table , you can just igore it.

hope you can understand my poor english :|

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