SDK PHP give me the error 500

Hi, I'm trying to use the SDK PHP to receive message content (text, image, etc.) But I always have a error 500. And when I try to use the tiny version I have a 405 error. My web is in HTTPS and I set my api informations. Where can I found a working version (sample) ? I try the gitHub version but not working. I think I made a mistake but I can found me error. Can you please help me ?

Kind regards, Xavier SENELAR

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I have an error 500 with this code :

<?php require_once('./LINEBot.php'); $httpClient = new \LINE\LINEBot\HTTPClient\CurlHTTPClient(' xxx '); $bot = new \LINE\LINEBot($httpClient, ['channelSecret' => ' xxx ']);

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I just download the sdk here : https://github.com/line/line-bot-sdk-php and set my tokens and secret infos in the settings files. I upload all files in my server and set the Webhook settings in the line dev website. So when I test to run the test page (EchoBot or KitchenSink), I have the error 500. and I have a 405 error with the line-bot-sdk-tiny version.

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Could you provide more details and your sample code that is returning 500/405 error? (Don't post channel's secret or access tokens here.)

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