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I am new to developing with LINE and I am finding the account types very confusing. The biggest onfusion is around the Premium account which we need to be able to use the API to get user id from followers in order to send a PUSH message through the API which only uses user id and not line id. So, how do we get a premium account? The LINE for Business info page is not clear at all because they use so many different names for account types. Can someone please explain the structure?

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Premium accounts are fee based and limited to specific countries. Happy to provide more details if you need it but first, you'll have to be from a country they're willing to sell to.

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We are in Thailand. We are trying to develop a way to send a URL of a document to various users via the LINE messaging API. But we don't have User ID, only LINE ID. So, I created a BOT, but need a verified account to use the API in retrieving the User ID from the profile. If getting a Premium account will automatically be a verified account, then that is what we need, but I'm not sure if it works that way.

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