“Reach” quota verses message quota

With the new, highly restrictive Official account policies, messaging is now nearly impossible without a commercial account (only available in select Asian countries). Seems the message limit is not a message limit at all. It’s measured by reach which seriously restricts usage in groups.  Anyone else having this issue with reaching their message quota very quickly? Why would LINE count a single message by the “read” count in a group or room?!? Further, why are single broadcast messages counted by delivery point when then message is sent to the server only once?

Please up vote this to improve how the rate limits are counted. This current approach is unworkable.

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This issue persists...

I have a bot with 500 followers and sending nearly 10,000 responses per month ... but send 1 message to a group of 250 and it's "game over" ... terrible design.

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As a follow-up... this document clearly says there is a 1.000 message limit for "Free" LINE Official Accounts, yet the limit appears to be a reach of 500, not 1.000 messages. A single message sent to a group is counted by each member that reads the message. This is a 'reach' limit, not a message limit. Further, broadcast messages are counted by each delivery point, again this is 'reach' not a message count limit (which seems to defeat the purpose of using the tool).

How are others dealing with this issue? https://help2.line.me/official_account_jp/web/categoryId/20006345/pc?lang=en (See section Sending Message | Sending additional messages beyond the free message limit )

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