redirect_uri does not match

I tried to implement App Login using LINE iOS SDK + Universal Link, but when I went to the URL returned, I got a "redirect_uri does not match" error and could not log in. Attempting a POST request directly to the https://api.line.me/oauth2/v2.1/token address returns the same error.

We would appreciate it if you could tell us how to handle this issue in the SDK or Server Callback URL to avoid the error.

Our callback URL is https://videomonster.com/api/auth/line/callback. Universal Link is the same.

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Me too, if you solve it, please tell me, thank you

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redirect_uri -> Callback URL. URL that users are redirected to after authentication and authorization. Must match one of the the callback URLs registered for your channel in the console.

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Thank you for your reply.

However, I have completed the setup in both the Line Developer Console and SDK, and there is no part where the mismatch occurs.

If you connect to https://videomonster.com/api/auth/line, you will be able to log in on the web platform without any problems.

There is no problem with my settings.

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For several days, I still haven’t solved this problem, and I didn’t find out what I’m doing wrong, right?

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That's right. I still haven't solved this problem and I haven't received a reply from LINE.

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm