User ID not unique for same user, different login channels

When I login with same user in two different login channels, I get 2 different User Ids xxx50595a5c6dbde2af9f7f85f3308xxx and xxxcd74c35a379afcd7132f901e2bbxxx. Shouldnt a user id be globally unique?

Since I am implementing login in new official account, I need to migrate login channel from old account to new another because of user ids not being unique to prevent already authenticated user losing their data. At least, is the migrations between accounts possible?

Thank you very much.

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userId is not globally unique. It depends on the channel provider. It's a well-known technology named PPID(Pairwise Pseudonymous IDentifier). You can't convert userIds between different channel providers. If you want to use the same userId between 2 official accounts, you must create messaging API channels in the same channel provider.

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