New Official Account limits are unworkable

The migration from LINE@ to Official Accounts for bots based outside of Asia is unworkable. Who else is having issues outside of Asia? The move to implement a limit of 500 push messages per month is unreasonable. We process 56,000 messages per month and on average 500-1000 push messages per DAY across nearly 1,000 gamers using the LINE app across the world. This is NOT a commercial solution but plenty use LINE to buy their stickers and other things from LINE Corp. The new rate limits leave no room for casual/hobby use of the LINE Message API. I have redesigned our messages to use the reply_token more but the change to only 500 push messages per month simply is unworkable. Has anyone else found a way to work with the new limits? LINE documentation suggests this limit can be adjusted by customer service but they have refused. We are now faced with over four years of effort rendered useless. Any help is appreciated. If a fix can't be found we will begin recommending alternatives to LINE entirely.

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