how to maps userId from messaging-API and LINE-login?

I just realize that userId from the same user returned from messaging-api and LINE-login are not same. even both of them came from the same provider. how to corelate/maps both of the channels?

thank you

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my apologies for the inconvenience. こじ answer is correct. there were a hardcoded syntax in our lines that point bot and line login to different providers. :(

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HI. Is it correct? I assume if the provider is same, userId is same too, even if using different types of api. Because I can get same uid from my messagin-api and social-api (offcourse they are in same provider). But i checked it from account of myself ( = channnel's admin) only.... I will get another sim, and I'll check it more precisely.

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm