API to get Line ID from User ID

Hello team, Recently, my team have been working on a project that is integrated with LINE Message. The APIs provided by LINE look cool in overall. However, there isn't any API to get the real LINE ID of a User ID that added friend with our contact. We know that the UserId is unique for each connection of a Line account with a contact, a group or a room. But we are expecting to have a API to find the connection of Line ID with those User ID. Because in the business of view, users might only provide their LINE ID, and in the application, we don't know how to link the LINE ID with User ID joined the channel. Could you please help consider to provide us such a API soon? We are stucked due to the limit of the API, and we have to find an alternative for another social API.

We are looking forward to receiving any feedback soon.

Thanks and best regards, A LINE user

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I faced with the same issue. I think due to security reasons it is not possible.

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