Signature validation failed when received a message containing unicode emoji character

My previous question seems like disappeared, so I posted it again.

https://developers.line.biz/en/reference/messaging-api/#signature-validation Signature validation is failed when a message contains any unicode emoji(e.g. ��) character. Without emoji it succeed well. Is it only happend to my env?

Tested in: nodejs8.x with hapi framework.

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Sorry, I found an answer myself:

My nodejs framework hapi's default route configuration parse json string into json object. and there is a different between stringified(parsed) payload and raw payload:

  • raw payload: \uD83C\uDF1F\uD83D\uDE1B\uD83D\uDE2D
  • parsed and stringified: 🌟😛😭

Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/a/42605887/2305379

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