Webhook enabled and verified, but not receiving events

I have enabled webhooks and was testing using a local dev env via ngrok, everything was working fine. I pushed my code to production server, updated the webhook URL in developer console, verified the URL successfully, and I can see verify request coming into the nginx server: - - [19/Aug/2019:10:30:31 +0000] "POST /webhook HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "-" "LINE-Developers/0.1"

But now when sending a message from the Line app, no events are sent to the webhook, and nothing is recorded in nginx's access-log.

There are quite a few other people that have reported similar issues, but there doesn't seem to be a solution given. Does anyone from Line actually read these questions?

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First, maybe is sounds dumb but you have enabled using webhooks(right above webhook url section in dev console) and Line account manager - https://manager.line.biz - Response settings section - webhooks? Second, have tried to check firewall rules and launch tcpdump on nginx server to see what packets are actually coming to an interface?

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm