Can not login / recover my Line account

So I created 2 years ago an web login on my computer, as backup so I can access my account in case I lose my phone.

Tested it, all worked fine. Now the phone is broke, useless and I try to login via the web login I have set up having the correct username and password.

Instead of login me in, I come to this challenge, where I'm asked to verify my identity with a code that I'm supposed to punch in on MY PHONE ! which sized to work. (I also don't remember the number I used for the setup)

This is ridiculous, since I have set up exactly for this scenario the web login as backup and it worked without the phone! Apparently this challenge is a new and absurd setup.

Here on the developer page I can login, see even my profile picture and LINE name that I used, which proves, that the login credentials are correct, yet I can not access the account and inform my contacts what happened and take them over to a new account.

So is there any way to get back to my account without the phone?

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本当によろしいですか? question.vm