Send broadcast to users

I am developing a bot when user comes to bot i am asking users preferenses to (user can choose any options i am providing)

Now, i have users preferences, i want to do broadcast messages from Nodjs SDK or any rest api on some specigic interval like (12hour or 24 hour)

so how do i send all the users messages based on their choise.

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First, I'm sorry if I make mistakes in english...

To do what you want, if I didn't understand wrong (you want to broadcast persons at a specific time, and I guess that time comes from the users preferences) there is a function called "push", the bot will send a message without the need of the user to write first. You can push a private message to a user or to a group (not sure if this also works in the rooms, I didn't check the docs from some time), the trick here is that you need to save the user's ID for example in a database or file, then implement a timer or an event according to the user's preferences and the make "push"es to each member with that preference.

Here is a link with the documentation: Push's doc

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