How to add Business Account to current free account

Hello, we have an issue with using LINE Business API

  1. We created a LINE account 'xxxx@xxxx.com'
  2. Logged in into Developer Console and have created a bot with Developer Trial plan (in web version of LINE@ MANAGER it has id @uoy8189l )
  3. Bot works fine, but we reached 50-friends-limit and decided to upgrade account
  4. On mobile phone (which used for account creating) we installed LINE@ and logged in with our LINE account
  5. LINE@ offered to create an account, which we did: account id @iof9625p
  6. Then we bought Basic plan and PremiumID for this account
  7. In web version of LINE@ MANAGER now we have two accounts @uoy8189l and @irontrade
  8. In Developer Console we do not see @irontrade and can not find info about how to make bot to work with paid account How to use paid business account with bot? Should we wait for business account verification? If still not verified how to check (LINE@ reference number 15836772)?

Please advise

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